We are a bunch of geeks trying to make lives better, one Community at a time.

Our team of 13 are working together to create something pretty epic. Some work from home, in the office, basically everywhere. We meet virtually from Monday to Friday (sometimes weekends too) to create a digital solution for Communities, namely lived-in. 

Great things take time, hence we are taking our time to perfect lived-in before our official launch in December 2020. So far, we had run number of focus group discussions, beta testings and soon, we are ready to have your Community among the first to experience lived-in solution.

Our app developers are now busy testing the lived-in mobile app. Stay tuned, in mean time, why don't you have your Community be part of lived-in? Register Interest



Who's aimy?


Hello neighbour, have you met aimy? aimy shares news, tips and tricks to improve your Community. aimy writes blog for lived-in, where articles related to everything about properties, communities and lifestyle are shared, so you don't have to look further. Got a question or suggestion on what should aimy write next? Please write to aimy@livedin.my 

About lived-in

about livedin

lived-in Online Billing & Payment Solution is designed for Communities to interact better digitally. The admin dashboard is designed for JMBs, Residents' Associations or Taman Admins to send bill, track payment and send bill reminders to residents. For residents, the lived-in mobile app is designed to make payments easier such as monthly maintenance fee or security fee. lived-in saves time, simplify processes for everyone, delivered via secured online platform