Pros and Cons of Living in Strata Title in Malaysia

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I have been living in my condominium in Damansara Perdana for almost 2 years now, and I have to admit, my 745 sqft space plus the 2.0 acres of shared common amenities is not too shabby to my liking. I enjoy the facilities this condo offers as it fits my lifestyle, plus, I can have the peace of mind knowing my house is guarded with security.

Sure, these perks come with price tags of maintenance fee and sinking fund - which at the moment I do not mind paying to get the lifestyle and security I wanted for my home. However, there are some issues I, or perhaps, we the resident, would like to address to the JMB. It is time for the JMB to solve these issues once and for all.

Dear JMB, please allow me to share these real-life stories.

It gets "mafan" just to pay.

I mean, I am giving away my hard-earned money, at least I should feel good doing it. There are times I don't even get the bills. So, I have to go to the JMB office to get and pay my bill. Since the JMB office is closed on weekends, I have to arrange a visit during weekdays 9 - 5, the same time I am working away from home. In the end, I never got the bill, then some time in the following month or so, the JMB sent me the outstandings.


Pay in advance, but then I lost track

I had thought about it - pay my bills in advance to lessen my trips to the JMB office. My neighbour has done it, he actually paid months in advance. It was fine for a while then he forgot when his next bill was due. Although this method assures no late payment, for me, it takes effort to remember how much has been paid and hopefully the JMB records accurately. Not to mention, paying a hefty sum in advance will affect my cash flow too.


The landlord did not pay the fees

My neighbour upstairs shares this frustration, where she keeps getting notices on her door to settle outstanding maintenance fees, while all along she has been paying inclusive in her rent. It is a matter of time before she gets revoked from entering the building. The issue is, her landlord is often unreachable, perhaps not in the country. Landlords tend to overlook this matter as they are not living in the property and lack a relationship with the JMB.

So all in all, I love my condo and my community, but I wish the JMB will improve their ways. Our wishlist is basically:-

time to pay

e-Bills and Online Payment

The same way I am paying my utility bills online, I wish I could do the same for maintenance fees. Even if I am paying in advance, I would like to continue getting e-bills with the balance reflected. This will save so much time and effort, I am confident all residents will be happy with this option.


time to pay

Bill Notifications

We are always busy. We tend to forget the important things, which is why we rely on reminders from our phones. If I can get notifications from the JMB when my bill is ready, due and paid, I will be able to ensure that I am on track with my payment. This will also solves the issue for landlords who need to settle the bills for their renters.


As we embark on the new normal, I believe doing things digitally in the community is the way to move forward. It is easier for both the residents and JMB. Such a solution is lived-in, an online payment and billing for communities. At the moment, lived-in is looking for properties to collaborate with, I strongly recommend my JMB and perhaps yours to participate. I mean, kudos to the JMB for doing a great job at maintaining the property; let's continue to keep our community beautiful and peaceful by ensuring everyone does their part in settling the bills promptly.